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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
One of the First complete sketches I made when I landed in Bangalore - for a God fearing Best Friend. Probably one of the very few sketches in which I put a lot of effort and soul, even though I lacked the required artistic skills


moonlight said...

Hello i thot u were off blogging for a while!
Congrats on another fine attribute of yours that defines your personage.

MYLO said...


Deepika said...

Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Roselyn said...
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ANURADHA said...

Awesome.......pure talent :)

Sweta said...

pretty good

DIVYA said...

D pic is good but can you please explain the logic behind the name "FIRST BLOOD"


Sunita said...

Dear Meiyang!

Deepak Chopra, in his book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" says - "It is the nature of the sun to shine. It is the nature of the stars to glitter and sparkle". They don't try to shine and glitter, they just do!

....AND SO DO YOU! Whether it be your singing, writing or sketching- you leave an indelible impression on discerning minds.

best wishes!

sharon said...

i dunno what 2 call u coz am 2 young 2 callu bye ur name n dont wanna call u uncle or something
but whateva it is u r the best

can u plz tell me abt one thing u dont do??????

frm stealing hearts away 2 singing

u do it all so perfect

Nishi v2.0 said...

N lk u even more.. :.. All the best..

Shilps said...

Wow amazing!! You're very talented, Chang =)

Rani Sawant said...

Chang, try singing, performing dental and sketching... hmmm....

Rupal and henry said...

Hi Chang,
Wow, very beautiful. I can't wait to see your next post. I wonder if you will still write and post if you win Indian Idol? I hope you don't stop writing and sketching and you remain as humble as you are. Fame can change you, you know.

ps: Maybe you should write about your experience in Indian Idol competition. You know the behind the scene kind of stuff. would love to read it

prerna_18 said...

hey chang!
it's a wonderful sketch but i am left with little querry why did you name it "FIRST BLOOD" is it beacuse it was your first ever surpurb sketch or is it just a catchy name for us to mumbble about & scrach our heads?


Priyanka Shetty said...

A lot of effort has gone into this indeed,fellow Bangalorean!!I hereby declare that i intend to make further visits..so, for the love of God,keep this updated!

tejal said...

hi meiyang,
i love your blogs.However,there was one thing that caught my attention. in the beginning of your introduction you say" I am a buddhist but i don't like war...." [just a suggestion instead of a 'but' how about an 'and'?. cos' buddhists are peaceful people anyways.

Kalpana's World said...
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Kalpana's World said...

I was reading the other blog of your's and felt you stopped blogging now. Feels really good that you are still on it. I really really wish you win the Indian Idol but I also really really wish that you don't give up blogging. You have some great talent Chang :)

Anonymous said...

hi meiyang. this comment might have nothing to do with your blogs, but i am just writing because i saw you on indian idol and had to speak to you. i am so proud to call myself indian because of your performance and talent on stage. i hope you win and make india proud. Indians in India and abroad love you and we have to show the world that India is a country of diversity and immense beauty and talents such as yourself. keep doing what you do best. good luck and hope you are the next indian idol.

Anonymous said...
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hazel_ said...

hi chang
it iz beautiful
i am really impressed,you have multiple talents ,amazing voice quality,and a really cute look i think u r master of all cuz u have such a good voice and u r a doctor and an artist too.......u r a master piece....i pray to God that u should be next indian idol

Sunita said...

Here's to you, dear boy! I've e-mailed this poem to indian idol staff, hope you get it. If not, here it is.

An Ode to Chang!

Like the enchanting strain of an exuberant lark, free-spirited and gay in high heavens,

Exudes such rendition of an ardent soul heaven bound that to despair hath solution found

In sweet symphony transcending my ruffled spirit to the outer realm of blessed regions,

Dazed and entranced into a state of euphoria amidst his soothing rhapsody newfound;

My senses utterly eclipsed in pure ecstasy by the brilliance of such divine cadence-

Clear as crystal emanating from this mere mortal- a sheer plethora of talent unwound;

A singer, writer, artist, dentist; a riotously amusing cartoonist of stunning presence,

His voice bewitching in delightful profusion causing sweet delusion- still does resound

Long after the euphony has ceased, like a lingering redolence of dense heady incense;

Meiyang! An alchemist wielding power over discerning multitudes hath us spellbound

In his charm bewitching downright delicious; pure magic in heavy doses he doth dispense;

Beauty personified, within and without; an Adonis with a soul and a mind profound;

An ace of a human spirit rather perplexed by the boorish who question his Indian-ness,

What can I say? Yours are refined sensibilities and edgy sarcasm positively well-found;

Witty, goofy, kind and daring; sensitive and sprightly; all ebullience yet a being intense,

Good God! What a concoction?!! So what if he shimmies like one on slippery ground?!

Dude of substance, captivating in essence; Sigh! A matchless semblance of effervescence;

An incurable romantic; a nonconformist; seems a skeptic who speaks his mind out loud,

He says it all or does he? –with oooh that smile behind which there seems no pretense;

At times a cynic yet an optimist, dynamic and enigmatic, with myriad talents endowed,

Cares not sixpence for belligerence from schmucks and discounts it as mere ignorance!

He ponders over people and places anew, inquisitive and intriguing with humor abound;

An ocean of emotion with unbridled passion; wit his escutcheon amidst many a grievance,

Pray pardon my impertinence for you may think me a presumptuous fool ill- informed;

Just compelled to express that the magic in your voice assuredly deserves preeminence,

I merely exult in the felicity of fellow-men like you who tread conscientious ground-

Not in rigid perfection but so darn endearing for your perfectly vulnerable humanness!

Fie! I propose- just lay off the barrage and grant my blessed nerves a moments’ repose;

My soul shanghaied, logic defied and reason tried; would Dr.Chang please a remedy provide - and answer me this just once?!

Say? Be my Calvin and I shall be your Hobbes.

Love and Best Wishes, Sunita
Lemme know what you think of this poem on u'r yummy persona. My e-mail id is
sunita.vishwanath4@gmail.com. Who knows, I could be your biographer some day!

Sunita said...

Hey Meiyang!

Couldn't believe your moves in the disco round! Grooovvy!(yikes, am I in a time-warp, who's ever heard anyone say "groovy" lately?) Well I guess it is the after-effects of all the retro disco music on Indian Idol this evening.You were AWESOME tonight!
So I did say you shimmy like one on slippery ground in my 'poem'(if u can call it that). Alrite, I take it back. U've probably been telling u'rself U can't dance- that u have two left feet and such bosh, but now listen kiddo, rattle that fountain-head of u'rs and tell him to get this straight- You CAN dance if u make up your mind. Yeah, its all in the mind! I'm having a hard time containing my lil' sistah, she's all fida over u. So far, she's a topper in college. If she looses it, u r responsible Mister!

RIDDHI said...


Kalpana's World said...

Awww! I feel bad that you could not win. Not that it would make a big difference to you though. You are already a star. You have won a million hearts. I am sure I will see you on television frequently but I really wished you lift the trophy. I am glad that you really have multiple options for your career now.

Anonymous said...

Chang, I am soooo sad that you were voted out. My mom and I both cried...a lot. I was sooo sad and angry. I don't know what is wrong with the Indian audience, but you have touched so many hearts with your magical voice. Amit and you are my favorites. I will miss you sooo much Chang. good luck with your dentistry and other artistic pursuits. :D

p.s. i hope ankita is voted out next.

Sunita said...

I think I died tonight while staring in disbelief at the results- how can that voice be voted out? Good heavens! Unfathomable and cruel to cut u'r well-deserved glory of at least being in the top two. No matter, Chang u will shine in the eyes of those that are truly discerning. Success is a relative term, but I believe I know what "success" means in u'r dictionary and u will achieve all that is worth having. Wishing u a wonderful life that is "happiness personified". Bigg Hugg cutie pie.
The brighter side for me- I shan't be seen anywhere in the vicinity of the idiot box & finally worry of neglected projects that were due yesterday on my calender 'cuz of my time spent watching the show. Shall miss seeing u on TV and don't u dare disappear from the face of this blog. If u do, me promises to write yet another poem- blasphemous this time- about u.
Sorry no offense meant in my tone of friendly familiarity, it's not feigned, just spontaneous, can't help it! Please don't sue me for overcrowding u'r blog. And if u do, please consider giving me a warm bear hug before I'm sentenced to the gallows. loadsa luv

Rupal and henry said...

Hi chang,
I am so so sad and angry that you are not on Indian Idol anymore. I am so sad that I won't be seeing you week after week entertaining millions of people out there. I have never seen anyone on TV (infact in real life) before, that by just looking at them and hearing their voice you know how kind and loving they are. On your first audition I think it was Javedji who said,"ye ek ache insaan ki awaaz lagti hai." I still keep thinking about his comment and how true it is and how he could just tell by listening to you once. I am so reading one of the self help book you suggested in your blogs. If only the world would think the way you do about helping others and being nice to others, this world would definately be a better place.

I am a real big fan of your writing and the way you speak. I think along with your singing you should host a talk show...You would really be good at it. Actually you are probably good at everything you do. I only wish to see you on TV more. Hope I do.

Sorry for writing such a long note.


Sneha said...

u r just amazing, i have no words to admire.I knew u as only singer but now i know u as a complete artist who is a very sensible human being!!!!!!!!!!i really really admire u for what u are.

niyati said...

Dear Chang,

After reading your caption lines, I could make out that the soul that's visible in the sketch is actually yours...
I can label it as: "The soulful beauty..."

And Language and literature always seems elusive while we describe real wonders like you..
Be in touch. Have a good time and all the very best!!


The Bhandari's said...

this is beautiful :)

kkomal said...
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PiNkS said...

Simply Awesome!!!
why dont u share with us ur II3 experiences??
still better u could put them in sketches.
neways all the best for all u do in life!!

Sunita said...

Chang! Where are you? No posts in over a month?!! What's doing? Mmm, don't sing yourself hoarse you know, take a break....and let's all hear from ya.

The very best to you.

Yashu.K said...

very beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe u the "perfect artistic skills" are missing, but the emotions are rightly conveyed..!!
its amazing.. keep it up..

Someone said...

This comes from someone that has depth in their character.

dj said...

u r being too modest
hey thats a pretty above average, or i should say way to good to be made by any amateur artist ,though it seems u excel in more than one field (othr than sketching) a lot better
one more thing i dont watch indian idol, so never heard you singing

bhavana said...

It is lovely!